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Why Your Relationships Need Struggle

Useful Pain: Why Your Relationships Need Struggle was written as an enticement for growth. The book is based on a simple concept: interactions between partners are necessary ingredients of growth. Of course, instinct tells us to make pain go away. The reward is relief...

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Marriages, Families, and Teams

Relationships share similar dynamics whether small or large. We are most familiar with the exchanges in interpersonal settings since most of our connections are one-to-one partnerships. When you expand these interactions to a family or a team, the complexity...

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Your Nutrition Choices for the Holidays

You would be hard pressed to find too many people starting their healthy eating plan until the new year, but that doesn’t mean we give up either. During times of high stress either from work, family or holidays we have a tendency to fall into bad habits, give in to...

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Staying Calm Under Pressure

Is it nature or nurture? Poise during the final seconds of an expiring clock in a sports contest often separates winners from losers. Hitting the high note in a solo during an orchestra performance in front of a packed house distinguishes the virtuoso from the...

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How to become invisible

Whether in a business meeting or an interpersonal exchange, everybody knows what it feels like to be invisible. Your partner might be making eye contact but his or her attention is on other priorities. Your friend is thinking about the next thing he or she is about to...

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Back to School: Begin Again

The kids are back in school. For us parents who have been through 15-20 years of schooling, an academic cycle is built into the rhythm of our lives. There is a beginning (fall), middle (winter), and an end (spring) followed by a period of regrouping (summer). The...

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