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Do you accept insurance for counseling?

We do not participate in any insurance networks, and our practice is fee-for-service.

However most insurance companies provide out of network benefits (OON). If you choose to use insurance for counseling, we will provide you an invoice that you can submit for reimbursement.  Many clients who use their out of network benefits, get reimbursed 50-80% of the counseling fee. Another option is to use a Health or Flex Spending Account which may cover some or all of your expenses (see more info below).  Please contact your insurance company and inquire about your Out of Network Benefits and any deductibles.  Please note that billing your insurance requires a diagnosis on the claim, and some people prefer not have that in their files.

The goal of counseling is to improve your life, and the benefits are improved relationships, health, and overall well-being.

Can I use Health Savings Account or Flex Account for counseling?

Yes, you can use a health savings or Flex account to cover your counseling fees. Unlike using health insurance, this option does not require to provide a mental health diagnosis.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards – Visa, Mastercard as forms of payments. Payment is expected at time of service.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 50-55 minutes.

Do I need therapy or coaching?

Therapy provides a healing space to understand and relieve your symptoms, resolve relationship conflicts, process trauma, or develop skills. Psychotherapy typically focuses on emotional healing and issues such as depression, anxiety or trauma. Coaching is focused on enhancing achievement, fulfillment, and taking action toward your vision, goals or desires. Keep in mind coaching concentrates on the present and future, and helping people to navigate transitions, identify strengths, life and career goals.

Not sure if you need therapy or coaching? Feel free to contact us and we will connect with the right professional.

Executive Coaching combines enhancing emotional intelligence, building effective leadership skills, optimizing strengths, and team building to support leaders’ success.

How long are typical counseling or coaching engagements?

Due to the individualized nature of counseling and coaching for each client, it is almost impossible to predict how long it will take. Length typically depends on your issues, situation, motivation, and commitment to the process. Once we meet and learn more about your situation, we would be able to develop goals and some time frame for your counseling or coaching engagement.

What services are offered for my child?

Our team delivers relationship-based care to children and their families to reach their fullest potential using a holistic, environmental approach. We provide multi-disciplinary therapy services for children and adolescents in need of occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work or psychological services. Therapists collaborate across disciplines and with client families to create an ideal treatment plan.

How often should we meet?

We usually ask clients to start once a week, and as you begin to make changes toward your goals, we can transition to meeting once every two weeks or even once a month. We understand people have different goals and schedules, and some may prefer to come in on a bi-weekly basis. We are flexible to accommodate your needs.

How do I get started?

Taking the first step takes courage and desire to change things. We encourage you to review our therapist profiles and contact us to help you determine the right professional for you.

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