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 Books published by experts at Elmhurst Counseling. Available for Purchase.

Widen the Lens

Gain deeper insight into your child’s behavior and development while discovering new ways of understand your family’s and child’s circumstances.

Elevating Your Kids Growth

Identify key influences on your child’s development with a simple tool designed to help you quickly address problem spots and capture growth opportunities.

Useful Pain

Embrace life’s challenges as a path to stronger, more rewarding and more enjoyable relationships with all the people in your life – from boardroom to bedroom.

Willow's Whisper

Willow’s Whisper is a children’s book designed to assist parents, caregivers, and clinicians help kids discover the coping skills within.

Dawn & Dusk's Discovery

Dawn & Dusk have big feelings. Despite their similarities, they see the world differently. While one is confident, the other is shy. When one is proud, the other is embarrassed.

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