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Couples therapy allows you to safely explore issues and challenges that have been causing stress and friction in your relationship. Many couples discover how to connect and re-connect and resolve long-standing issues such as communication difficulties, intimacy gaps, and conflicts.

Here are some common reasons for couples and marriage counseling:

  • Communication problems
  • Emotional disconnection
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Work – life balance issues
  • Lack of intimacy and sexual issues
  • Infidelity
  • Broken trust
  • Family planning (pregnancy or prenatal loss)
  • Life and family transitions


Couples therapy is based on a relationship cycle model. A new relationship begins with a stage of discovery where rules, roles, norms, and goals are defined. From there, partners move to a stage of intimacy where a foundation of trust and accountability is established. The discovery and intimacy phases create a platform for the adventure stage where the connection evolves to new levels. The growth that has been created requires some adaptation in the space stage. This gives partners a chance to refuel.

Over time, healthy relationships continue to cycle through evolving stages of discovery, intimacy, adventure, and space.

Day, Evening & Weekend Appointments Available.

Many couples see a therapist as a way to improve communication, deeper intimacy, and connection. Don’t wait too long before you see a couples and marriage therapist.

Take the first step toward building and sustaining healthy and stable relationships. Talk to a couples’ therapist today and set up goals based what’s most important to you.

We are flexible and accommodating with scheduling your appointments.

Steve Ritter, LCSW

Steve Ritter, LCSW

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Cara Milianti, LCSW


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