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A meditative lifestyle practiced for centuries has suddenly become the hot mantra in workplace wellness. Mindfulness is touted as the new remedy to career stress. It’s simple. When the pressure of your job grows too intense, use a deep breath to be the pathway to awareness of the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. All is now well, right?

It’s a question of prevention versus repair. Stress is far easier to manage before it spirals to fear. Perhaps a mindfulness recipe that cooks up a career path impervious to stress might prevent the need for repair. Consider the following ingredients:

1. Only engage in professional activities aligned with your core interests, values, and purpose.


2. Choose your teammates carefully and make sure to include a mentor.


3. Embrace struggle as fuel for understanding. Don’t meditate it away until you know its role in your growth and development.


4. Stretch your goals beyond easy victories. Settling for good enough doesn’t advance you or the world.


5. Take joy in the art of resilience. Adapting is art to the science of change.

Now, inhale deeply into your diaphragm and imagine, as you exhale, the flow of your fit in the professional universe. Your professional activities match your values. You respect your teammates. You push yourself to improve. You stay poised under pressure. There’s no need to bring the yoga mat to the office when your baseline mood is relaxed and focused.

About the Author

Steve Ritter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the Founder and Managing Director of the Midwest Institute & Center for Workplace Innovation, the Founder and CEO of the Team Clock Institute, and the author of Useful Pain: Why Your Relationships Need Struggle and Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams. You can find Steve on LinkedIn.